Thanks to the expertise of our customer-orientated project management and our highly qualified technical engineering we are in a position to supply Tubes as processed – shaped - welded tubes according to the requirements and demands of our customers.

Range of Possible Tube Processing;

Deformed tubes;
1) Bending techniques (Full Automatic CNC & Semi Automatic)
Possibilities of deformation with full-automatic CNC machine
We can bend a further range of tube dimensions by semi-automatic bending
2) Compression of tube ends
a) Upsetting
Possibilities of upsetting
Change of length, thickness and shape via compression forces Deformation grade of one process approximately 40 %
b) Rotary swaging
Possibilities of rotary swaging
Reduction of tube diameter: Two or more tool segments surround the tube cross section simultaneously in the radial direction and in rotation
Deformation grade of one process approximately 300 %

Tubes with brazed metal parts;
Brazing of various metal parts on our tubes for example
Support bars

We offer our customers to design their special product requirements by implementing new techniques such as;
▪ Perforation
▪ Stamping
▪ Punching
▪ Adding of screw connections